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When you go in for an operation at the hospital, they inject you with a chemical that slows Boredom Drinking down the speed of your brain. Imagine an old record player playing a 45RPM album at 33RPM .

You Don’t Have To Be Bored Without Alcohol

I gave up drinking and got really bored. The only thing that saved me and got me going was my new found love of crystal meth. I hear all you say, but I a still don’t know how to stop drinking. I can do it for a night or two but that’s it, what do I do after that? The amount of extra free time is shocking. It was just a lot of evening time lol, I can’t believe I used to throw it all away. It’s like hanging out in a log cabin by a fire lolz it’s fun.

  • If I was sad, I drank alcohol to feel better.
  • If you need support in your journey, our team at Ria Health is always here to help you, and we’re only a call away.
  • The alcohol had enlarged my heart and I had an ejection fraction of 10.
  • At some point, I just said, who cares if I’m bored?
  • Some of these things I used to like to do was fishing and taking road trips.

My friends and I got together for happy hours after work. On the weekend, we went to bars and clubs. During the day, there were all-inclusive brunches. It all felt normal, even the terrible parts like awful hangovers and hangxiety. Alcohol robs you of the ability to feel naturally motivated and inspired. Those feelings don’t come back immediately when you quit. You create an imbalance when you use alcohol to artificially boost serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain.

Drinking Out of Boredom

Alcohol didn’t call my name until age 40 after a devastating divorce and the abuse and pain that followed. Drinking for positive reinforcement to celebrate, be social, or have a good time.

When I worked days, I’d fill my off days with outdoor activities and socializing, but what to do, who to call at 3AM? Maybe I should get addicted to interactive online gaming.

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I’m Bored Unless I’m Drunk, But Is That Actually a Problem?