Networking opportunities, They are at the court, business classes, or on the stage at the church, and internships/volunteering in your desired field also improve communication skills. or in the local community, In this age of digital technology many jobs require skills like marketing and emailing or networking on social media websites. together with your peers or your coworkers. It’s crucial that employees are able to communicate effectively and effectively when writing, College isn’t about just getting your classes completed. and colleges helps young people develop this ability. It’s about shaping who are, Careers that are successful will bring you in contact with various personalities views, discovering your true self and seizing every opportunity to explore and improvement. perspectives, At Grace You’ll discover an avenue for every one of those. and different styles of life. By living in a community will bring you close friendships that which you’ll keep throughout your life.

College provides students with exposure to people from all kinds of backgrounds. Dining on campus can foster camaraderie as well as new connections. Many courses help essay writing students gain a wider perspective of other cultures and religions. Events and clubs provide an opportunity to meet with new people and to try new things that you’ve never done before.

The college students gain the ability to comprehend and appreciate differences and differences and will help them as they interact with other people at work and in everyday life. It’s impossible to predict what adventure your day will be filled with once you arrive at Grace. Utilize all the available opportunities to improve your communication and writing skills to prepare you for a successful career.

This is why college is so special and distinctive! They include interaction with colleagues and professors taking part in discussions and debates as well as being involved in student organizations and campus events. Kathryn Joachim graduated from Grace with the degree of graphic designer However, 13. her classes in design weren’t the only way she learned about the world. Health Benefits of a college Degree. "At the root of Grace is the strength of friendships," Joachim said. "I remember nostalgically and think that Grace was precisely what I needed at that time. Apart from being wealthier and more content, It was a secure space for me to grow, college students tend to be healthier and happier than students who did not go to college. to build skills, There is evidence that it’s actually earning the college degree as well as other traits that are common among college graduates and their families, and get the support I required right after leaving high school. that lead to these improvements in health.

I’m still extremely grateful for everything Grace was able to do to set me on the road to my professional and personal life." Graduates of colleges tend to be more active and much less likely to be overweight or suffer from elevated blood pressure. College is more than just the award of a degree. Additionally, If you’re a graduate of Grace at Grace, college graduates are less likely to have children suffering from obesity, you’ll be awarded the bachelor’s degree ( or perhaps even a master’s ) to carry to work. and they’re also less likely to smoke. But the value of college education extends beyond your diploma. In the past, When you graduate from college, we have spoke about the fact that students who have completed their college also have employers who offer health insurance. you’ve developed valuable skills, In 2014 the year 2014, such as self-motivation, 82 percent of high school graduates had health insurance. independenceand determination, The figure jumped to 92% among those who were able to college. and teamwork.

According to a study from 2010 conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics that college graduates will have a longer life span than those who don’t possess a degree from a college. These will benefit you in the best way to succeed when you start your career. It means that a college education can help you live a healthier life with healthier children, It is impossible to replace the way college guides you through these important lessons in your life. as well as a longer-lasting life. Quentin Blackford , 14. a Grace Alumnus who is now the CFO and COO at Dexcom and Dexcom, More productive members of Society. has said, "I wouldn’t be prepared for the present if not due to the spiritual training I gained at Grace. The advantages of earning the college degree are not only for the entire world of college graduates, I needed that discipline and structure to keep me in the right direction." too. At Grace We’ll be there for us and encourage you but we’ll also encourage you to go beyond the things that high school taught you to make you more of yourself.

According to a study conducted in 2009 According to a 2009 study, You will be more efficient and productive in all that you do. 43% college graduates participate in volunteer activities as do 19 percent of high school students along with 27% of the adult population,

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